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Monday, April 25, 2011

Download Hack attacks revealed ebook

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Hack Attacks Revealed

                                     HACK ATTACKS REVEALED 
                                     A Complete Reference with
                                     Custom Security Hacking Toolkit

                                     Author : John Chirillo
                                     Publisher : Wiley Computer Publishing
                                     Pages : 837
                                     Size : 8.06 MB
                                     Level of Difficulty : Beginers and Intermediate
                                     Price : $ 0 i.e. completely free at krazzy2hack

                                     This book " Hack attacks revealed " deals from basics of hacking 
                                     including ip address, dns , ports, communication protocols, dos
                                     commands, network scanning technique , social engineering ,
                                     application of c language in hacking , web hacking , different 
                                     types of os , vulnerabilties , proxies , firewalls , spoofing ,
                                     sniffing and lots more to get started............

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                                       application related to hacking and security.
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Download Hacking-the art of exploitation by Jon Erickson

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                                      HACKING : THE ART OF EXPLOITATION
                                      Author : Jon Erickson
                                      Publisher : No Starch Press
                                      Pages : 214
                                      Size : 2.28 MB
                                      Level of difficulty : expert
                                      Price : $ 0 i.e completly free at krazzy2hack

                                      Pre-requisite :
                                      C programming , basic understanding of networking
                                      and cryptography , assembly programming

                                      In Hacking: The Art of Exploitation you will learn how to :
                                      Exploit programs using buffer overflows and format strings
                                      Write your own printable ASCII polymorphic shellcode
                                      Defeat non-executable stacks by returning into libc
                                      Redirect network traffic, conceal open ports, and hijack TCP connections
                                      Crack encrypted 802.11b wireless traffic using the FMS attack


                                       If you want to share any file like ebooks and
                                       application related to hacking and security.
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Download free the hackers underground handbook by David Melnichuk

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                 The hackers underground handbook

                                           THE HACKERS UNDERGROUND HANDBOOK
                                           Learn What it Takes to Crack Even the Most Secure Systems

                                           Author : David Melnichuk
                                           Filetype : pdf document
                                           Pages : 116
                                           Size : 2.50 MB
                                           Price : $ 0  i.e. completly free at krazzy2hack


                                           What are hackers and what it takes to be a hacker ?
                                           Starting with linux and its installation on HDD and Virtual box
                                           Password cracking , Phishing and its counter measures
                                           Online cracking , and offline cracking

                                           Network Hacking
                                           Foot printing, Port Scanning, Banner Grabbing,Searching for
                                           Vulnerabilities, Penetrating, Countermeasure

                                           Wireless Hacking
                                           Scanning for Wireless Networks, Cracking WEP, Packet Sniffing

                                           Windows Hacking
                                           NetBIOS, Cracking Windows Passwords, Countermeasures
                                           Definitions, ProRat, Countermeasures
                                           Web Hacking
                                           Cross Site ScriptingRemote File Inclusion Local File Inclusion

                                     If you want to share any file like ebooks and
                                     application related to hacking and security.
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Download ebook- Hacking Gmail by Ben Hammersley

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Download - Hacking Gmail by Ben Hammersley

                                      HACKING GMAIL

                                      Author : Ben Hammersley                                      
                                      Publisher : Wiley pulishing
                                      Filetype : pdf document
                                      Pages : 310      
                                      Size : 5.30 MB
                                      Price : $ 0   AT Krazzy2hack


                                     Getting started with Gmail
                                     Web and desktop integration - Gmail notifier
                                     Integration with your existing account
                                     keyboard shortcuts for gmail
                                     Making an RSS Feed of Your Inbox .
                                     send .exe files as attachment
                                     setting up IMAP , POP ,SMTP in gmail
                                     skinning of gmail
                                     How gmail works ?
                                     Gmail and Greasemonkey
                                     Gmail Libraries ...using.....PHP, Perl...and..Python
                                     Using Gmail as notepad, search torrent
                                     Dealing with labels
                                     Building an API from the HTML-Only Version of Gmail                                                                     Exporting mail as text file , mbox
                                     using GmailFS.........installing FUSE,Libgmail,
                                     Mounting GmailFS from commandline ,fstab..............
                                     ...........................................and much more............

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                                     related to hacking and security.Please mail us at





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