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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hack Windows 8 games to get full version

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Hey whats up guys, Recently windows released its Windows 8 Pro ( for both Desktops and Touchscreen devices as Tablets) . In the windows 8 release, have its own xbox for downloading apps, games, movies etc.
So the good news is that you can download any game from the Microsoft Xbox and try them very much like Google Play for Android. But most of the interesting games are paid version and are available for trail , which hurts the most. But Don't worry guys, we have brought you the way to crack windows 8 games for free. All you need is to follow the steps below sequentially...

STEP 1 :

Install any Game from the Windows Xbox you like (Here we will be using Angry Birds star wars for the purpose because of its small size about 40 MB).

STEP 2 :

As you can clearly see that the is available to buy or try (means download trial version). Click on try and wait the trial version to be installed.

STEP 3 :

When the game is installed, just search it in START and click to play. Now on the screen you will be asked to buy full version (just like below). 

STEP 4 :

For now simply close the windows and follow the instructions.

STEP 5 :

Now download wsservice_crk_src_1.4.2.rar from the link below. 

STEP 6 : 

Unrar the contents of the  wsservice_crk_src_1.4.2.rar . Install the software version corresponding to your cpu  i.e wscrack_32 ( for 32 bit ) and  wscrack_64 ( for 64 bit ).  

STEP 7 :

Now navigate to the given directory. And run TokenExtractor.exe


STEP 8 :

A window similar to this will pop up 


STEP 9 :

In this pop window , will list all the Xbox apps and games installed in your Windows 8 Box. You just need to locate your game ( here Angry Birds - star wars) that has been labeled as trail. And click on [Bruteforce tokens.dat] - button.

STEP 10 :

The list will be refreshed , and again you will need to search the trail game in the list. And click on the  [Crack It !] button . And a pop will appear like one below. 


STEP 11 : 

Bingo!!! You have successfully cracked your trail game to full version in windows 8 . Try to reopen the Game again. And you will notice that the notification to BUY FULL VERSION is gone. 


Actually when you install any app or game in Windows 8 , it downloads the entire file/Game. And stores its registration info in Tokens.dat file ( for offline playing of game) which flags the Game as trial or full . Now we just need to change the tokens. This involves decryption of current token, new token generation and modifying Tokens.dat file. All this stuff is handled by wsservive_crk .  Since the registration info is changed the corresponding Game is flagged as full. And you can enjoy the full version of the Game. This hack works for many other high quality paid games like  



Cracking games or any other piece of software is illegal and you may be a victim for software counterfeit , So the author is not responsible for any its misuse !!

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