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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Disable usb drive or pen drive in windows 7

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Hey! do you reside in a college hostel ?, own a computer that is publicly used, or you are just scared of your neighbour you is continuously looking for something fishy and wants to steal any private data when you are away. If  your answer is "YES" , then you are at right place, you can protect your sensetive data for any of above reasons. Just disable your usb drive or pen drive and safeguard your self.

Follow this post step by step and you are done...

STEP 1 : Click on start button. Type Run and press enter or simply press [windows] + [R] ,
             to open "Run" window.

STEP 2 : Under Run window , type "regedit" ( REGistry EDITor ) and press enter.

STEP 3:  It will ask for your confirmation , Simply click "Yes" or press [Alt] + [Y].

              Remember you need Administrator privilege to perform this task i.e. you must be
              logged in with administrator account. 

STEP 4 : The registry editor window will open up as


STEP 5 : Clicking on the small triangles to the left of menu will expand its contents
              in the form of  a tree. Therefore, follow this path


 STEP 6 : Now stop you don't need to expand " USBSTOR " , simply click on it, and in
               right pane of the registry editor window , a list of data values will appear.

STEP 7 : Double Click on "Start" , and a window will pop up like this.

STEP 8 : The default Value data is 3 i.e basically a Hexadecimal value.

              To disable your usb drive, simply change the Value data from 3 to anything else,
               I prefer '4' (without quotes). Click OK and Bingo! its done your usb drives are
               not working!!

STEP 9 : Follow the complete path again and change the Value data back to 3, and your usb
             drives will start working again.

NOTE :  Guys, you don't need to restart your computer, for the process to take into action
             i.e  As soon as you change the value and click on OK , the requird action will take
             place,without rebooting....

I will soon be adding a c program to make your task easier

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hack email id of your facebook friends-100% working

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FACEBOOK , if you are familiar with INTERNET, you must know about facebook. Facebook being a microblogging, social networking website launched in February 2004 is a way to keep your love ones closer, chat, share pictures, comments and lots more.. If you are the one who doesn't have a facebook profile, just go to and create one its free , and start your online life...

Well as a matter of fact we know that facebook doesn't allows users to view email id of your facebook friends. No Problem we did solved it for you

You only need is   1 . A pc or laptop with internet connectivity
                          2 . Active facebook account (most ovious)
                          3 . Yahoo ID i.e   *******@yahoo.**
                               ( if you don't have then create one here )
                          4 . MS Excel (for windows) , spreadsheet (for linux)

Recently Yahoo and Facebook integrated with each other , and we are going to use it
So Let's begin the hack...

STEP 1 :  Login to your yahoo account using your credentials i.e yahoo id and password
STEP 2 :  After you are logged in . Click on "mail" from left sidebar . Then click on
              "Contacts" tab.

STEP 3:   Select  "Import contacts from facebook" by clicking on facebook icon.

STEP 4 :  Click on "Okay " for confirmation.

                A wall will appear prompting you to enter your email id associated with facebook
                and password , just login with your details.

               It will start retriving data from facebook. And soon you will see something like
               this. (It will take time depending on, your friend list)

STEP 5 : Click on " View imported contacts " and it will show you all the contacts that have
              been added to your yahoo account sorted alphabetically

STEP 6 : Now we have to export the contacts list from yahoo. Click on "Tools" followed by "Export".

STEP 7 : It will bring you up with various options of export.
STEP 8 :   Choose "Microsoft Outlook" or "Yahoo! CSV" as it gives contact list in *.csv format,
               can be viewed in excel or spreadsheet viewer. Next screen will ask you to enter
               the captcha code, to check if the query have been made by a person or machine
               (won't be able to solve these captcha code!) . Just type the code and
               click "Export Now".


STEP 9 :  And you are almost done. Just save the yahoo_ab.csv file and open it by double
              clicking it, in excel or spreadsheet viewer.

                 And Enjoy the hack !!!

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