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Monday, May 16, 2011

free download ankit fadia's hacking book collection

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Ankit Fadia is an Indian computer security and digital intelligence consultant based in Silicon Valley, USA. He has authored six internationally best-selling books on computer security that have been widely appreciated by both professionals and industry leaders the worldover.. Fadia is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University.
Fadia was educated at Delhi Public School. He started a website called "HackingTruths", which he claims was judged as the "second best hacking site in the world by the FBI". He claims that when he was 14, he trashed the front page of an Indian magazine’s website. He then sent an e-mail to the editor confessing to the hack, suggesting counter measures. At 15, his book on Ethical Hacking made him the youngest author to be published by Macmillan India. In November 2001, Fadia was consulted by a classified intelligence agency for breaking an encrypted message sent by one of Osama Bin Laden’s men.

he has also started his own certifying company
ANKIT FADIA CERTIFIED ETHCAL HACKER (AFTECH) , is a computer security program on the science of ethical hacking, to discover loopholes in target systems and to setup security systems to counter the computer criminals.

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Ankit Fadia hackers guide
Untold Windows Tips And Secrets (Ankit Fadia)
Base64 Encoding Torn Apart- Ankit Fadia
Batch File Programming - Ankit Fadia
closing open holes-Ankit Fadia
Defacing Websites A Step By Step Process By Ankit Fadia Hacking Truths_ FTP Exploits
Dos Attacked- Ankit Fadia
Fadia, Ankit - Encryption Algorithms Explained
Firewalls - How to unblock it- By Ankit Fadia
FTP Exploits By Ankit Fadia
Gathering Info on Remote System- Fadia , Ankit
Hacking into linux - Ankit fadia
More password cracking decrypted - By Ankit Fadia
Removing banners from sites explained by Fadia
Sendmail and beyond - Ankit Fadia
Fadia's SSl torn Apart
Tracing IP,DNS,WHOIS-nsLOOKUP- by Ankit Fadia
Transparent proxies with Squid By Ankit fadia hackingtruths box sk Proxy Servers
Truths!!!--What they Don’t teach in Manuals!!! ( Ankit fadia)

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