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Sunday, June 19, 2011

hack facebook account with help of 3 friends 100% working

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Hi friends, you might be wondering that how its possible to hack any facebook account with the help of 3 friends. Well , to be very clear we got another major security flaw on Facebook that Allows you to Bypass Security Question of any facebook user and Reset the password with the Help of 2 Mutual Friends. That is once you Bypass the Security Question, Facebook will then ask you to Verify your Account with the help of 3 Friends (1 you and rest 2 mutual friends ). Therefore using facebook security question vulnerability and help of 3 friends , you can hack any facebook account. Just go though this post to see how???

STEP 1 : Launch your favorite web browser say firefox and visit . When the login page comes up click on the link " Forgot your password? "

STEP 2 : Next window will ask you to identify the victim's  account ( whose facbook account you want to hack ) by entering victim's email or phone no , facebook username ( url of victim's profile like ) or you may search for victims profile by just entering victims name and one of victim's friend.

STEP 3 : Enter the captcha code to make sure that the query has been generated by a human and not any machine or bots. Select the victims account from the list and click " This is my Account " for confirmation.

STEP 5 : In this step , you will be presented with various options to recover your account i.e you will be asked to choose any one of recovery options to get password reset link like victim's email or cell phone no. But friends we didn't need to bother about it here, just click on the link " No longer have access to these ? ".

STEP 6 : Now here the real hack begins !! If every thing goes fine , you will be asked to enter the new email , where you want to receive the password reset link. Just create a fake email id for this purpose.
And click submit button.

STEP 7 : There is also another level of security called “Security Question”. Now here comes the Critical vulnerability.. Interestingly If you Provide wrong answers three times in a row, you will Just Bypass this level of security.

STEP 8 : And Facebook will now provide another interesting way to get back your account with the help of 3 friends. So you will see a window similar to this

STEP 9 : As you can see you'll need to perform  3 steps to recover the victim's account . Just click on "continue" .  And you will be asked to choose any of the three friends ( trusted ) friends one by one. Now facebook will send security codes to each selected friends.

Now your Job is to contact your Friends and Get the 3 Security codes. Once you collect the 3 security code, enter them one by one in step 3. Finally Facebook will then allow you to reset your password through standard email recovery process i.e. you will receive a password reset link to email id you gave in STEP 6 .

Tip : You can create 3 fake profile , send friend request to the victim to be accepted.If all done you may hack the victim using this vulnerability. But it may take time for your account to come in the list to choose as trusted friends in as in above pic.
Note: please select Trusted Friends only because any of the Friend can potentially gain access to your friends Facebook account through standard password recovery Process.

What problems you may face while using this vulnerability to hack any facebook account ?

In STEP 4 , After clicking on "No longer have access to these ? ", If the victim hasn't set any security question. In such condition you won't be asked for the new email id to receive the password reset link as the email id of victim remains the only means of  authenticating of being real owner of that facebook account. Therefore you will be asked to recover your original email id. Just check out this.

After clicking "I cannot Access My Email" , Will be presented with this screen for reasons i discussed earlier and you can only get back your account through recovery options avilable i.e email or phone no.

Under these condition either choose another victim or try another methods to hack victim's account.

How can you protect yourself from this security question bypassing vulnerabilty of facebook?

1. Now You Know how easily you can Bypass Facebook’s Security Question. If you haven’t Selected any Security Question on Facebook, Just sit back and hang loose ,Just don’t bother to set any.  But If you already had added Security Question , You are at Risk. Unfortunately you even can't remove it!! 

2. Never send  or Accept any friend requests from people you don’t know.

3. If by chance anybody resets your password through this attack,  your email address will receive a notification of the password change including  the names of the 3 friends who were involved in the password change. You will then have only 24hrs to act on it, So Check your email everyday.

4. Login to your facebook profile. And Go to Account Settings and Click ‘Account Security‘. You will See 3 options as

Facebook's Security Question vulnerability
  • Secure Browsing (https) : Checking this option will encrypt your data (i.e username and password ) being send to facebook server using ssl (Secured Socket Layer) encryption. And hence it becomes difficult for an attacker to sniff ( decrypt those packet or data ), when you are using your facebook from any public , or networked computer ( connected to lan or wifi ).
  • Login Notifications : If the attacker tries to access your account from another computer or cellphone  you have never used, or location you haven't been. Then facebook will send an email  you login notification about any attempt of unauthorised access to your account and will temporarily block your account.
  • Login Approvals : If anyone tries to access your account from an unrecoginized device, facebook will send a security key to your cellphone, which you will need to enter to open your account. So this adds a great security feature to your facebook profile.
                              CHECK ALL THREE SECRITY OPTIONS 

5 . So, Its Important for you to Register your Mobile on Facebook.

6 . In case if your were planning for a vacation, Never Update your Status saying you “I will be offline for some days” or similar to that. Your vacation is enough for a hacker to compromise your account.

 Begin the Hack!!


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