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Saturday, June 4, 2011

hack email id of your facebook friends-100% working

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FACEBOOK , if you are familiar with INTERNET, you must know about facebook. Facebook being a microblogging, social networking website launched in February 2004 is a way to keep your love ones closer, chat, share pictures, comments and lots more.. If you are the one who doesn't have a facebook profile, just go to and create one its free , and start your online life...

Well as a matter of fact we know that facebook doesn't allows users to view email id of your facebook friends. No Problem we did solved it for you

You only need is   1 . A pc or laptop with internet connectivity
                          2 . Active facebook account (most ovious)
                          3 . Yahoo ID i.e   *******@yahoo.**
                               ( if you don't have then create one here )
                          4 . MS Excel (for windows) , spreadsheet (for linux)

Recently Yahoo and Facebook integrated with each other , and we are going to use it
So Let's begin the hack...

STEP 1 :  Login to your yahoo account using your credentials i.e yahoo id and password
STEP 2 :  After you are logged in . Click on "mail" from left sidebar . Then click on
              "Contacts" tab.

STEP 3:   Select  "Import contacts from facebook" by clicking on facebook icon.

STEP 4 :  Click on "Okay " for confirmation.

                A wall will appear prompting you to enter your email id associated with facebook
                and password , just login with your details.

               It will start retriving data from facebook. And soon you will see something like
               this. (It will take time depending on, your friend list)

STEP 5 : Click on " View imported contacts " and it will show you all the contacts that have
              been added to your yahoo account sorted alphabetically

STEP 6 : Now we have to export the contacts list from yahoo. Click on "Tools" followed by "Export".

STEP 7 : It will bring you up with various options of export.
STEP 8 :   Choose "Microsoft Outlook" or "Yahoo! CSV" as it gives contact list in *.csv format,
               can be viewed in excel or spreadsheet viewer. Next screen will ask you to enter
               the captcha code, to check if the query have been made by a person or machine
               (won't be able to solve these captcha code!) . Just type the code and
               click "Export Now".


STEP 9 :  And you are almost done. Just save the yahoo_ab.csv file and open it by double
              clicking it, in excel or spreadsheet viewer.

                 And Enjoy the hack !!!

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