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Friday, June 10, 2011

disable all drives in windows 7

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Hey Guys! krazzy2hack is back with a new trick for windows 7 user. In this post you will learn how to disable drives all your drives in one go!!

Well, Here we go!

STEP 1 : In the start button search box or in run dialog box type "regedit",  and press enter to open registry editor. You will prompted asking if the user logged in has administrator privilleges. Just click on Yes , and Registry Editor window will be opened.

STEP 2 : Follow this path ( Expand each enrty by clicking on the small triangle on left of the entry and click on the entry itself to see its contents)

STEP 3 : You must not worry as I have deleted a few entries to minimise the size of image, just follow the path and click on "Explorer". And Right click on this entry , click on "New" and select "DWORD (32-bit Value)".

STEP 4 : Now you will be able to see a new DWORD Value created in Right pane of the window. Right click on this new dword entry and rename it to " NoDrives " (without quotes).

STEP 5 : Again right click on this "NoDrive" and select Modify from the drop down menu. A new window will pop up asking for its new value ( by default it is 0 ). Now here enter 3ffffff under Value Data with Base as Hexadecimal. Click on OK.

Please note that in Value data is 3ffffff , f is pressed 6 times after 3.

STEP 6 : Press F5 to refresh the registry editor window and Its done!! You have disabled all your drives from my computer. If not then please restart your computer.
STEP 7 : The whole process can be sortened to a simple registry script, Just copy the code in a notepad and save it as Disable_drives.reg and double click it to add in the registy.




STEP 8 : DRIVES DISABLED! You just got scared  your drives have gone??
Well you don't need to be scared as your drives are at their original position you have just made them invisible. You can check your drives via cmd. Type "cmd" in run to open command window and here type your respective drive letter follwed by : i.e. for my E drive , i need to type e: to enter that drive and now keep pressing [TAB] to view the directories in that drive.

Its too easy to get your drives working back , just you need to trace the path to the data entry "NoDrives" . Right click on the data value and click delete, and restart your system. You will see your drives back to their positions.


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