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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hacker high school : a security awareness for teens

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Hii Guys, Are you guys new to the field of hacking and you are scared about from where you should get started to begin with hacking. Then don't need to worry about it!!
krazzy2hack has brought best study package to begin with hacking,

Download For Free Complete Set of
                              A SECURITY AWARENESS FOR TEENS

The complete set of Hacker High School, is divided into 13 ebooks or chapters. Each ebook covers a specific sections and makes you aware of different terminologies used. Chapter 1 is about what it need for being a hacker i.e knowledge of programming language like c, java, visual basic . Chapter 2 covers various basic but powerful windows and Linux commands. Chapter 3 includes various ports and protocols like http protocol runs on port no 80 by default , ftp on port 21, telnet on port 23 etc. Chapter 4 tells you about various services that run on web server like telnet. Chapter 5 will teach you the tricks to identify these services on web server. Chapter 6 is about virus, worms, Trojan and backdoor, and preventive measures to be taken. Chapter 7 is a handy guide to firewalls (you must have heard of windows firewall), what are firewalls ? how they work ? & sniffers and honey pots.Chapter 8  hard drive encryption and  formats used. Chapter 9 will guide you how email works, various protocols like SMTP, POP, IMAP,  and encryption used , Phishing (fake web pages). Chapter 10 has web server vulnerabilities, proxy, scripting language and intrusion detection. Chapter 11 contains description of various types of passwords and history behind these passwords, and password cracking too. Chapter 12 is a question in itself Weather Hacking is Legal or not ? What are possible punishments for making an hacking attempt. Remember friends Cyber Laws vary from country to country but  hacking into any one's system with any evil intention, like stealing of any sensitive data is most obvious a punishable offense in any country. So, You know hacking used to safe guard yourself from Black hat hackers, or to prevent hacking is known as Ethical Hacking, should be practised and promoted. Chapter 13 is dictionary of all the terminologies usen these 12 chapters or glossary, so it must not be avoided. Go Download all 13 chapters of Hacker High School for free..

Download Hacker high school : being a hacker

Download Hackers high school : basic cmds in windows and linux

Download Hackers high school : ports and protocols

Download Hackers high school : services and connection

Download Hackers high school : system identification

Download Hackers high school : web security and privacy

Download Hacker high school : e-mail security

Download Hackers high school : digital forensics

Download Hacker high school : attack analysis

Download Hacker high school : malware

Download Hacker high school : security awareness for teens

Download Hacker high school : Internet legalities and ethics

Download Hacker high school : table of contents and glossary

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