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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

creating your own letter-pad using notepad

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Make fool your friends this April by showing them a personal notepad you made! In this post of krazzy2hack , we are going to discuss that how you can modify notepad.exe to make your own personal notepad or letterpad.

step 1: Copy notepad.exe from c:/windows/notepad.exe to your desktop
step 2: Since , this notepad.exe is a binary file we need resource hacker tool to open it.

step 3: Extract the file and double click reshacker.exe file . It will run directly
           without  installation.
step 4: Now click on File menu => open and browse the notepad.exe file on the desktop.

step 5: Click on Action menu. From here you can replace icon , cursors, bitmap image you
          can even change the menu options that appear in your new notepad or your personal
          letterpad and save your project as your letterpad.exe

NOTE : If it doesn't works on windows 7 , switch to windows xp and whn you are done with it you will be able to use it on win 7 too...
Try your own hands on it !

Team krazzy2hack


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