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Friday, February 11, 2011

know your ip address

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 If you are new to the field of hacking or professional you would must have heard the name of IP address from somewhere or from your friends and you really want to know what's the story behind it?
IP address means "Internet Protocol address"  to computers is what your contact no to your cellphones.
Ok! Let's talk in a non-geek way , almost everyone amongst us is quite aware of cellphones.every cellphone has a particular no what we call is "contact no" .Your friend use this "contact no" to communicate with you . Similarly every computer connected to internet has got a specific no known as IP address.Your system uses this IP address to transfer data packets to destination computer's IP address and recives the response and vice versa.
Your ip address is 4 byte or 32 bit (as 1 byte=8 bit) decimal number, written as four numbers between 1 to 255, seperated by decimal.
for example: is IP address of
If you copy this ip address to your web browsers (firefox, internet explorer) URL or address bar will take you to the "" .

No of bits division of ip address is as
  • 209 represents the first 8 bit
  • 85  represents the second 8 bit
  • 231 represents the third 8 bit
  • 104 represents the last 8 bit
 To know your IPaddress go to 

There are several tools avilable online to detect the location and plot them either on map or use google earth  or google maps to serve the purpose.Here you will not only get your IP address but also its location, and view it graphically on map.
There are mainly two types of ip address
  • Dynamic IP address 
This type of ip address is normally provided to you by your ISP ( Internet Service Provider) .  Basically , every time a user connects to internet a different ip address is allocate to him/her depending upon the ip address which has not been allocated to someone else at that moment.Thus Dynamic IP address by its nature keeps changing.
  • Static IP address
 This type of IP address is normally allocated to in above example the IP address of will remain, and will not change anytime , anywhere you connect to internet, you will find google there waiting for you..
However if you use broadband connection you can ask your ISP to allocate a static IP address in case you want to convert your computer to a webserver....

Wanna know more !!!                                                                                     
just go and scroll for it.....

Class of IP address

Till now we know that IP address can  range from to max under IPv4 configuration (4 byte IP address system).However in future it may become IPv6 (6 byte IP address system).This range of IP address has been classified into classes
Class                                                           range
    A                     to
    B                  to
    C                  to
    D                  to
    E                   to

IP address ,consisting of 4 bytes or 4 decimal no's ,can be sub divided into
  • The network ID
  • The host ID
class A : Uses the first 8 bit for network ID and rest 24 bit for host ID
class B : Uses the first 16 bit for network ID and rest 16 bit for host ID
class C : Uses the first 24 bit for network ID and rest 8 bit for host ID
class D : Represents a 32-bit multicast group ID



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