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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to boot linux distros using your pendrive

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The name LINUX is enough make people feel bore, dreaming of doing everything in linux would be a tough job.But that's not true , now a days linux is as easy as your windows providing GUI (Graphical User Interface) .you may download a guide to basics of linux from the link below

                                           Digit's fasttrack to linux

However this post is dedicated so that you can boot linux using in your hard disk drive using your pendrive
  • At first download Universal USB Installer from the link below
                                   Download Universal-USB-Installer-
  • Double click on on Universal-USB-Installer1.8.1.0.exe file, the setup will run directly without installation.

  • Click on [I Agree] button.
  • In step 1 :  Select the name of linux distribution .
  • In step 2 :  Browse .iso file from your local hard disk or download it from internet.
  • In step 3 :  Select your USB flash drive by drive letter assigned to it and click the check box to format your USB drive in FAT32 format.

  • Click on [create] button.

  • The set up will extract files on your usb drive.Click on [close] button after installation is complete.

  • Now your USB drive is ready to boot into world of LINUX
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