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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crack Windows XP/Vista logon screen password

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 Hey friends , do you want to know how to crack  windows logon password of your friends computer,
or you simply forgot your windows password and you are smashing your head down the table trying to remember that stupid code or if any evil ideas have pounded  across your mind to get out the data's from your any computer but the only hinderence that comes your way is the hell windows logon password!
Well in this post i'm going to disclose the secret to crack windows logon password in most easiest way and also measures to prevent yourself from being a vicim of it. Get started here...

Windows stores all the usernames and their corresponding password in SAM file located in


Since when user is logged in to windows using  , this SAM file remains in use (as it stores the password that is used by current user) and hence it can't be moved, renamed or deleted  in any sense.Therefore we have to bypasses windows to test SAM file.This job is done by using LIVE CD of any linux distro or by using bootable pendrive

  • step 1: Here we are using one very famous linux distro OPHCRACK as it has been ideally made to serve this purpose only . Download *.iso image of OPHCRACK from link below

  • step 2 : Insert either Livecd of ophcrack into disk drive or plug your bootable pendrive into your system
  • step 3 : Now restrart your system, and press [F12], [Esc] or [F8] when BIOS of your system comes up on the screen displaying logo of your manufacturer.
  • step 4 : Select your boot option depending upon weather you boot from a Livecd or pendrive.
  • step 5 : Linux will start booting (in command line interface) and after few times you will see a screen like this
  • step 6 : Choose automatic boot (else it will start automatically after few seconds...)
  • step 7 : OPHCRACK will automatically crack all the usernames and passwords stored in the SAM file.Below is screenshot of it.

NOTE : Basically OPHCRACK attempts or tries each and every possible password of 1 (consisting of 26 block ,26 small letters,10 digits 0...9, 32 special characters on standard keyboardand taking space bar makes a total of 95 characters) character length, then it tries for 2 (95*95 no of characters ) character length and so on....
Thus finally it generates your password .This technique of cracking password is called "BRUTE FORCE attack". But if your vicim has choosena password of 6 characters consisting of alphanumeric keys including special characters makes a total combination of  95*95*95*95*95*95 (=735,091,890,625) . Now consider a computer which can check one million passwords per second will take 204 hours to crack it, similarly a 12 digit password will require 1.7 billion years to crack it.
And i'm sure no human can neither live nor wait for that much time.


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